Rudi Stern Memorial Page


1936 – 2006

November 30, 1936-Born in New Haven, CT
1958-Earns bachelor’s degree from Bard College
1960-Earns Master’s Degree from University of Iowa
1966-“Psychedelic Celebrations” created with Jackie Cassen for Timothy Leary
1966-1968-Numerous light shows with Jackie Cassen for The Byrds, The Doors, The Rascals, etc.
September 1969-Co-founder of Global Village with John Reilly
1969-Daughter Lumiere is born
October 1972-Let There Be Neon opens. Co-founded with Charles Schwartz
1979-“Let There Be Neon” as author, book published by Harry N. Abrahms
September 1980-Marries Moira North (Divorced in 1988) Friends for life.
1988-“The New Let There Be Neon” as author, book published by Harry N. Abrahms
1990-“Contemporary Neon” as author, published by Retail Reporting Corp.
1984-“American Streamline” as editor, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold
1992-“Haiti-Killing the Dream” documentary film directed with Katharine Kean.
1999-2001-Theater of Light performances.
October 10, 2004-Marries Raffaella Michela Trivi.
February 17, 2005-Daughter Stella Fortunata Stern is born.
August 15, 2006-Dies-Cadiz, Spain.

rudi-neon.jpg img_2081.jpg Rudy Stern and Gaspar at Let There Be Neon rudy_stern_tol_500.jpg